Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit

The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Circuit Memo- May 16, 2020

Posted on: May 16, 2020 at 8:49 pm

To:          ALL Ministers, Preachers, Leaders, Officers and Members

From:    Circuit Superintendent

Date:     May 16, 2020

RE:          Aldersgate 2020

Greetings and Blessings brothers and sisters in Christ. This time of year has continued to be one of great significance for us as a church as we remember the foundation God used to build this Methodist movement.

COVID-19 has stymied much of our preparations and celebrations despite the rare occurrence of the 4th Sunday being MAY 24, the day of John Wesley’s Conversion at Aldersgate Street. The National Council is however inviting all Methodist and friends to join in our adjusted and creative Aldersgate 2020 celebrations as we remember ‘from whence we came’ giving God thanks for the more than 280 years of Methodist witness. Please be guided by the following

  1. Sunday May 24 MORNING Worship in all congregations. This worship experience will be guided by a common order of service. As such while we will be in different places of worship (our home congregations) we will share a common experience of worship.
  2. May 24 ALDERSGATE Media Worship, 4.00 p.m. This Aldersgate service will be an “ONLINE” worship experience. This service will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook and also broadcast live on NBC Radio and SVG TV.
  3. Wednesday, May 27, 6.00 p.m. – ONLINE PANEL DISCUSSION on the topic “Security, Sanctity and Servitude in a COVID-19 environment”. This discussion will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube with the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. You can join the discussion either by using The Kingstown Methodist Church YouTube channel or the Facebook page named The Kingstown / Chateaubelair Methodist Churches.
  4. Saturday May 30 – Sunday 31, 24-HOUR PRAYER. Beginning at 12 noon on Saturday 30th to 12 noon Sunday 31st, we will join in prayer using the Zoom online platform. Log-in at any time and several times during this period and let us agree in prayer bringing to the Lord our many and various concerns particularly at this critical time of our life as a church, nation, region and world. We are also encouraging congregations to gather in their chapel (observing the usual protocols) for an hour or more and to indicate what time they will be meeting so those online can be aware that there are others also gathered and agreeing in prayer with them. LET US PRAY!!

Let me also use this opportunity to commend you for your faithfulness during this challenging time and remind you to check in on others, give them a word of encouragement. Remember our brothers and sisters in other parts of the Caribbean and the world especially those whose circumstance may be far more challenging than ours. PLEASE be deliberate in looking for needs within congregations such as students who may not have devices or other materials to facilitate their home learning and other ways to use our missionary and other resources and resourcefulness to continue making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. We are also arranging further assistance to our scholarship holders. As God guides may we discern and obey as we seek to be faithful to his call.

NB. Subsequent to the District General Purposes Committee Zoom meeting today, Saturday, May 16 it is hoped that Statutory Congregational and Circuit Meetings can be held by July 15 which includes the election of Circuit Stewards. Updates on our meetings will be communicated subsequently and as is reasonable.

Rev. A. Davis