Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit

The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Tomorrow Sunday and Moving Forward

Posted on: April 17, 2021 at 6:06 pm
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Greetings and Blessings
Kindly give attention to the following

1. All Chapels between Calliaqua and Layou would be prepared for worship tomorrow. I have since learnt that Gomea’s condition would not allow for that chapel to be ready.

2. The preachers’ plan would be adjusted to cater for the current situation and also to facilitate opportunities for worship/devotions at the shelters.

3 Our next time in prayer will be tomorrow Sunday 18, 8pm

3. Several congregations have already been in touch with shelters and are responding to immediate needs. The Circuits response is deliberate in considering the longer-term evolution of things. As such the relationship with congregations and shelters is expected to be an enduring relationship that will be a gateway to physical needs, counselling needs, rebuilding lives and livelihood needs etc.