Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit

The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Circuit Memo – May 21, 2021: Aldersgate and more

Posted on: May 23, 2021 at 7:46 am

To: Ministers, Leaders and Members

From: Circuit Superintendent

Date: May 21, 2021

Greetings and Blessings Brothers and sisters in Christ. Kindly be guided by the following:


The Georgetown/Mt Coke and Kingstown Chateaubelair Circuits will be celebrating Aldersgate 2021 on May 30, 2021

1. Congregations will receive an order of service for morning worship which will include a quiz, historical reflection, pastoral letter and a collect. It is anticipated that as far as is practicable 11am services will take place at 9am.

2. At 4.00pm a streamed Celebration service will be hosted in the Kingstown Chapel, 4.00pm. Members can join for the in-person gathering. The Covid-19 protocols will continue be in observed.

3. The theme for this year’s celebration is Rebuilding a nation; a new heart and new spirit – empowered by the spirit, subjected to the word of God

4. All members and friends of Methodism are encouraged to observe three days of fasting and prayer, inspired by John Wesley’s personal spiritual disciplines. You can choose whether you will observe a full fast, use water only, a partial fast – from a specific meal or other part of your daily diet. The Wesleyan model is from the last meal in the evening to mid-afternoon the next day. You can either use this approach or the 6am to the 6pm model. The days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

5. On Saturday May 29 from 6pm to 12 midnight we will host a 6 hour zoom prayer session. The link is included below.

We anticipate this would be for us a time of renewal and continue our efforts to both discern and fulfil God’s will in our individual lives, our church and our nation.


The last Circuit in Prayer – until further notice – will be this Sunday May 23, 8.00pm. Please note it is the same link and meeting ID but no passcode would be required.

Topic: Circuit in Prayer – La Soufriere Time: Sunday May 23, 8:00 PM St Vincent

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87611278464

Meeting ID: 876 1127 8464


There will be a Circuit Council virtual meeting on June 03, 2021. At this meeting we will be electing Circuit Stewards. While the nominations committee will meet to make recommendations to the Council, In keeping with the guidance in the constitution any member may submit in writing to the Superintendent a written nomination bearing two signatures at least seven days prior to the Council Meeting


The Circuit will be receiving Bro Jerand Phills (Minister in Training – MIT) with his wife Chelcia and son Ethan for his summer assignment in the Circuit. It is customary for MITs to return to their home District in their second year. We are happy to receive them and look forward to the time among us as he continues his training for ministry. He is due to arrive on Monday 24 and will begin his assignment after completing the quarantine requirements.

Departure of William Willoughby

Bro William Willoughby who served in the youth ministry on the North Leeward end of the Circuit will complete his stint here in St Vincent and return home to the USA on Saturday 29, 2021. We are grateful for his service among us, praying that his time in the circuit was mutually beneficial as we seek to fulfill God’s call on our lives. We wish him all the best and pray he continues to grow in Christ.

Services in the North Leeward Chapels

While reoccupation of most of the North Leeward Communities have begun and the process of cleaning chapels has begun. Worship in those congregations continue to be suspended until further notice. We are encouraging members who are worshipping in alternative congregations and those receiving them to make every effort to integrate and be integrated into the life of the congregation – participating in worship, Bible study, class meetings and other activities of the congregation. Reminder Stewards are reminded to submit their lists from their congregations of persons in need and who can benefit from relief assistance by the church. This is the note that was sent earlier:

I am asking stewards to submit a list of names to the office of persons who either (1) are evacuees in need of assistance (2) Persons housing evacuees and in need of assistance (3) Persons from the congregation (not evacuees) in need of assistance or (4) Persons from the community in need of assistance. Please note our goal is not to give assistance to Methodists simply because they are Methodists. Also I am aware that all have need but I am trusting the judgement of the stewards to focus on what John Wesley calls “those who need most”. It would be helpful if there are particular needs as well to note them in the submission of names.


Rev. A. Davis