Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit

The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Women’s League

Women’s Ministry (The Women’s League)

The Women’s League seeks to bring women in each congregation together to worship God by singing songs of praises, sharing the Scripture, and congregating for steadfast prayer. One of the strongest roles of the league is to visit the sick/shut-in and sing hymns of upliftment to them. Overall, the purpose of the Women’s League is to provide weekly spiritual inspiration for women.

The Women’s League is created under the umbrella organization of MCCA Women. According to our connexion’s website, “all female members of the MCCA are members of MCCA Women”. MCCA Women is a constituent part of the MCCA and aims to enable women of the MCCA to deepen their personal commitment to Jesus and to foster fellowship among the women of the Conference Area.

An assembly of all MCCA women is held every five years. The first assembly was held in 1980 at Codrington College in Barbados. The fourth Lord’s Day (Sunday) in June every year is celebrated as MCCA Women’s Lord’s Day, usually under the theme, “BAMBELELA! Never Give Up, Christ is Our Hope!”