Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit

The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Circuit Memo- September 9th, 2018

Posted on: September 11, 2018 at 10:03 am

To:          ALL Ministers, Preachers, Leaders, Officers and Members

From:    Circuit Superintendent

Date:     September 09, 2018

Greetings and blessings to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Grace and peace from God our father and his Son our Redeemer – Jesus Christ. May we be encouraged to know that He who began a good work in us is faithful to bring it to completion


You may be aware that the Rev. Carol-Jean Richardson has joined the Circuit staff and resides in the Spring manse. Rev. Richardson is a Probationer Deacon who is originally from St Lucia. It is expected that during this period of probation she will be diligent and dutiful both in the work of the Circuit as well as in the studies prescribed.

We are still uncertain regarding the other member of staff who is expected to join us from the Figi Conference. This means we are in limbo regarding pastoral assignments. As such a TEMPORARY arrangement which should cover for Bible studies and pastoral visitations along with the other pastoral responsibilities

  • Davis – Kingstown, Arnos Vale, Gomea, Calliaqua, Campden Park, Spring
  • Cato – Layou, Barrouallie, Hope, Sion Hill
  • Charles – Chateaubelair, Troumaca, Rose Hall, Westwood
  • Samuel – Chauncey, Brighton
  • Richardson – Spring

We will also have the services of Sis. Christobel Ashton and Bro. Jerand Phills who will serve as Commissioned Lay Workers. Sis Christobel will assist with Chauncey and will have particular responsibility for our membership development and our ‘evangelizing internally’ projects/efforts. Bro. Jerand will pastor the Campden Park congregation.

The Welcome and Induction service for Rev Richardson will be on Wednesday 12th September 5:00pm at the Kingstown chapel. The Bishop Derick Richards will be presiding.

Rev Richardson will also be assigned to the Children’s ministry and is expected to give leadership to this area throughout the circuit along with the children’s commission.

Youth ministry

We are happy to welcome Sis. Janine John as our third Youth Coordinator. Sis. Rhonda will continue to serve as Youth Coordinator for Zone 3, Sis. Janine for Zone 2 and Bro. Jerand for Zone 1

Congratulations to our Circuit Dance Ministry, Rooted Methodist Dance for winning gold in both the categories they participated in at the National Dance Festival on Saturday 08th. We continue thank God for our youth.


We thank God for Bro Jerand who has accepted God’s call to the full-time ministry of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the America’s. With the Circuit Pastoral Council having taken the vote in July as required, we have submitted the application documents to set the process in high gear. He will have exams, trial services and other requirements in the upcoming months. Do continue to remember him in prayer. What this means is that the Connexion may determine that he proceeds to the United Theological College for the September 2019 school year.


We thank God for Sis. Nicole who has been willing to serve with dispensation. The District has approved our application for dispensation to administer the sacrament of Holy Communion by Sis. Nicole John. This takes effect as at Sept 1, 2018 and is for one year. We thank Bro. Alpian Allen for the years he served with dispensation.

It is intended that we would continue developing our focus on Evangelism. None would deny the urgency for us as a community of faith to go to all and make disciples.


For harvest 2018 we encourage congregations to begin planning and preparing early. It is expected that congregations will urgently put a committee in place who will also give attention to ensuring the cantata is of a high standard. This planning committee of 5 persons including a Congregational Steward, a representative from the Choir (where they exist) youth, women and church school. If a committee worked well last year and is willing to continue, that can be facilitated.

I am encouraging congregations to have two tables or corners. Each member will bring two Thanksgiving items, one to be placed on table or corner for the church afternoon sale while the other item will be for outreach packages that will distributed to needed persons in the community.

Daycare Board

Consequent to the Decision of the Circuit Council Meeting in July the new Circuit Daycare board has been identified. The persons are

  1. Sis. Laura Anthony-Browne, Chairperson
  2. Sis. Jacqueline Massiah
  3. Sis. Stella Quow
  4. Sis. Zhinga Horne-Edwards
  5. Sis. Chelcia Phills
  6. Bro. Alwyn Cupid
  7. Sis. Lucille Browne
  8. The Circuit Preschools Supervisor (sis Clarista Richards)
  9. The Superintendent Minister

in Christ Service

Rev. A. Davis