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The Methodist Church of St. Vincent

Circuit Memo- March 5, 2019

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To:          ALL Ministers, Preachers, Leaders, Officers and Members

From:    Circuit Superintendent

Date:     March 05, 2019

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Launch of Mission

By now it is expected that all congregations have planned their Launch of mission’s service. It is hoped that congregations can be creative as we focus on and encourage our church to be a truly mission church. If you are still looking for ideas you can consider a short teaching moment, a dramatic piece, if you have multimedia – a video presentation and you can also explore preparing a brochure/pamphlet to be shared with the congregation. It can include (1) what mission is (2) The general time of mission season – Feb/March to Aug (3) What the congregation has done for the past 3 or 4 years in summary and perhaps one or two pics (4) What the congregations mission target is and the various apportionments including what happens to the excess (5) The congregations plan to meet its target (as in some cases congregations identify targets for classes and groups etc. and/or if there is a fund raiser).

Open Airs

Congregational Open-Air Services will take place on Sunday March 10.

For these open-Air services, it hoped that the preachers will guide the process. It is not expected that these would be elaborate efforts but scaled-down versions, a fairly simplified approach not inhibited by having musical accompaniment or PA system etc.

The following may be of help;

Identify Venue – preferably where people gather as this would require less mobilization. Time of service. Where convenient identify a small public address system. If you have none and your location is where people gather it would not be a major disadvantage. Inform the police in your area – the Circuit has written the Commissioner. A worship leader. Song leader. Reader/s. If you are including a sermon then you can have Song, prayer, singspiration, testimonies, scripture, song, message, invitation and prayer, song, benediction. If no sermon is going to be preached then three to five testimonies can be deliberately identified and interspersed with songs and two or three scriptures. The scriptures in this case could be the story-type passages that have a beginning and an end with a message that is somewhat obvious. Do remember use well-known songs.

This is a significant endeavour by our circuit and is expected to enable a change in our ethos, opening the door for congregations to be more engaged in taking the gospel to the community.

The Zonal Open AirsMarch 15-16. More details will be forwarded when the various teams complete their planning.


Consequent to the arrival of Rev. Smith, the following are the staff (pastoral) assignments

  1. Rev. A. Davis – Kingstown, Arnos Vale, Gomea, Campden Park, Spring  
  2. Rev. S. Cato – Sion Hill, Barroulliie, Hope
  3. Rev. M. Charles – Westwood, Troumaca, Rose Hall Chateau
  4. Rev. T. Smith – Calliaqua, Brighton, Chauncey
  5. Rev. Serna – Layou
  6. Rev. C. Richardson – Spring

Commissioned Lay Workers

  • Sis. Christobel Ashton – Layou (and other Circuit assignments such chair of Circuit Scholarship Committee)
  • Bro. J. Phills – Campden Park & Youth Ministry
  • Rev. Smith – Children’s Work
  • Rev. C. Richardson – Women’s Work

There are some unusual combinations in the congregational assignments however it is in an effort to create a most effective arrangement under the circumstances.

Leaders training

Kindly remember that this Saturday at 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 pm we will have our Circuit leaders training. All preachers, Stewards, leaders and officers of the church including groups executives are strongly encouraged to attend. This session is also for potential leaders.

Circuit in Prayer

Kindly remember that the next Circuit in Prayer is Sunday, March 17 at the Chauncey Chapel


The vehicle purchased to replace the KIA Cerato PU533 has arrived and should be in full operation tomorrow. We continue to advertise the KIA for sale.

Yours in Christ

Rev. A. Davis

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